I'm a Host you can inserate your apartment or hotel


With Facebalkan, you can inserate your apartment, hotel or room easily  in a few steps. You define the information to your offer and even determine the price and the house rules. Facebalkan is here to help, to find Customers as easy as possible.


Before you welcome a guest welcome, please make sure that the apartment for the arrival of your guests is neat and clean and fresh linen and towels are provided. Receive guests at the property to hand over the keys to show them everything and tell the House rules. A few tips on environment can also be helpful.

Payment Terms Customer

In case of booking Facebalkan does not charge any payments from your  customer. Please consider that you must receive your payment from your customer.


Once your listing has been posted online, you can get reservation requests from guests. If a guest wants to book your accommodation, you will receive a notification via email. You will have 24 hours to accept the booking request.

Where do I Inserate and what are the Costs???

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There are No COSTS.... ITS ALL FREE