Istarska Sabornica

Matka Laginje 2, - Porec, Croatia

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Istarska Sabornica
Matka Laginje 2
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Outside is a little confusing. It is not clear to us that the older part of the profane or sacred character. But confusion is not accidental, once upon a time the building is actually a church - and the church of Sts. Francis. For the first time the church was mentioned in the 13th century, a bell tower was built in the 18th century (1731).. Today the tower is "slightly altered". It was built with polygonal roof, but the roof was destroyed by the Nazis in the 2nd World War II. On the resulting "plateau" was placed machine-gun nest and then the roof was not returned in original condition. 
Loses its sacred character of the building before the arrival of Napoleon (1806). When Napoleon withdrew before the Franciscans. In short "Napoleon" phase and the building there was the horse stable. After leaving the French school is located. 
Building purchased by the Austrians family Polesini paying for it 600 florins.Polesini added to the newer wing of the building, a reconstructed old horizontally. The resulting upper floor becomes the Istrian Parliament (from the 1861st to 1899th Istria had its own government, and Porec was the political center of the whole of Istria). 
In contrast to the upper floors, the lower the 1882nd made for the then very modern notions of a wine cellar. It was in use until the past twenty years. 
In the 20th The building was made a museum. The turbulent past of the same building once it is confirmed, the building was largely destroyed during Allied bombing before the end of the 2nd World War II. The aim of the bombings were the German ships, full of bauxite, located in Porec harbor. In addition to the building and destroyed much of the museum exhibits, especially of valuable books. 
In the newer wing today is the Italian primary school. Works on older have once again confirmed that the trench to Istria always complete discovery - was found a mosaic from the 5th c. When at this place was the church of St. Tome.




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